{modal images/stories/news/2014/25042014_transstudiobandung.jpg|Title=Field Trip SMP Islam Al Syukro Universal}25042014_transstudiobandung{/modal}Filed trip or better known as a "karyawisata" is journey undertaken by learners to get another learning experience , especially the direct learning experience and it is an integral part of the school curriculum. 

As one of the efforts to make students never feel bored in following the learning proccees, then occasionally they are invited to enjoy the outdoor activity that is Fieldtrip . In fieldtrip activities, the students are invited to observe the things around them which related to the subject matter learned in class . 

Fieldtrip is one of routine activity held by Al Syukro Universal Islamic Junior high School. For this Academic Year 2013/2014 , The fieldtrip for this academic year, Al Syukro Islamic Junior High School visited Trans Studio Bandung . 

The fieldtrip held on Thursday, April 17th, 2014 , set off from Ciputat at 06.30 am . The activity followed by all students of class VII and VIII, it is about 88 students, and 16 teachers and employees of Al Syukro Universal Islamic Junior High School. 

According to the chief of committee for this field trip , Mrs. Tri Astuti or usually called Ms. Asti , students of Al Syukro Universal Islamic Junior High School invited to know , observe and enjoy the rides available at the Trans Studio Bandung . 

By this fieldtrip program the students are expected to be entertained and refreshing from their daily routines , is also expected to learn a concept of an amusement park which is integrated and managed professionally by the local. So that they have a sufficient understanding about the management of a business or venture in large scale , especially in the media business , lifestyle and entertainment . 

As the evaluation , all students are required to make a report of the Fiedltrip activities. The students Reports collected to each homeroom teacher. All the Fieldtrip participants go back to Ciputat on Thursday night , at 23:45 pm . (Reported by Mr. Badiyo, Translated by Ariani)